Entities seeking to operate within the gambling industry are required to obtain a license issued by the relevant authorities. The process to obtain a gambling license can be quite management_administration_authority_organization_complex_blue.pngcumbersome and requires expertise within the field. 

At RSM Malta, we have been servicing the gambling industry for over 15 years. We currently provide hands-on support and assistance in obtaining the licenses under the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). 

The licensing process typically involves the following areas and requirements: 

  • Review of the due diligence documentation; 
  • Compilation of the application, Personal Declaration forms, Entity Declaration forms for the MGA, and Personal Management Licenses and Annex A forms for the UKGC; 
  • Reviewing/Drafting of policies and procedures as required by the relevant authorities; 
  • Preparation of a business plan in accordance with MGA and UKGC requirements as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS); 
  • Holding and facilitating several meetings with the Company to discuss any specific issues relating to your application and/or operations; 
  • Submission of the complete application and relative documentation to the License authorities; 
  • Liaison and/or meetings with the authorities to ensure that the application process is completed as efficiently as possible. 


Auditing requirements 

Prior to obtaining the MGA license the applicant will be required to carry out a system audit, during which we will be present to provide further support. 

Once the UKGC license is issued, the licensee is required to carry out a security audit within the first 6 months, and on an annual basis going forward. 

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