Tailor-made Internal Controls review for SMEs

In today’s dynamic business environment even small and medium sized entities, and family run operations cannot afford not to take appropriate risk management measures.  Through RSM Malta’s experience in working with such clients, we have developed a customised approach which provides a cost-effective solution for them.

Our experience has also taught us that every client comes to us with unique needs, particularly in such cases.  Therefore this approach provides a high degree of flexibility which provides significant advantages over the one-size-fits all methodology which is adopted in general.

This approach envisages the following methodology:

a)   Conducting a high level risk workshop with Senior Management whereby the perceived high risk areas are determined;

b)   Conduct a process review in order to identify the critical steps and determine the effectiveness of the relevant controls;

c)   Conduct substantive testing to confirm the effectiveness ascertained during the controls review.

After conducting the risk workshop RSM Malta would provide a work plan of the relevant areas that should be covered.  Senior Management may then decide which risk areas to prioritise and address accordingly.

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