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Leading through change

22 May 2020
Expert insight for business leaders navigating change and transformation

Managing Performance in the Digital Workplace

27 April 2020
Performance management can be tricky – even in ordinary times. With the workforce shifting ‘en masse’ from a physical to a digital workspace, leaders are under great pressure to equip themselves with a whole new ‘toolkit’ to motivate and engage their people.

Redundancies: What should you keep in mind?

15 April 2020
Redundancies can occur when certain roles are no longer required as the business has come to a complete halt. If this is the tough situation your business is facing, below are some pointers to keep in mind before going ahead with this option.

Navigating Workforce Disruptions

15 April 2020
If your business has slowed down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you might be contemplating the options available to deploy productively to your workforce.   Below are some options a business can consider while the economy weathers the storm:

Covid Update

29 March 2020

COVID19 Measures by RSM MALTA

14 March 2020
At RSM, the safety of our partners, staff members, clients and their respective families remains paramount. Our first priority in this regard has been to adopt health and safety measures that are designed to protect us all, to the fullest extent possible, from the possibility of contamination.