RSM Malta


Rent and Electricity Refund Scheme

4 September 2020
The Rent and Electricity Refund Scheme (the ‘Scheme’) aims to help undertakings who are benefitting from the COVID Wage Supplement and listed under the NACE code categories - Annex A, B and C updated on 1st July 2020. The Scheme aims to support businesses’ operating expenditure.

Leading through COVID-19

7 April 2020
Navigating your people through times of crisis can be daunting, at best. In times of uncertainty, employees will turn to their leaders for guidance and reassurance. Now, more than ever, leaders are expected to rise up to the challenge of leading their troops through this unchartered territory. 

COVID-19: 3rd Set of Government Incentives and Measures

24 March 2020
1. Businesses and self-employed persons operating in severely affected sectors can benefit from Euro 800 per month per employee retained in employment. These sectors include: Wholesale Retail