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July 2021

The changing role of, and attitude towards, the concept of permanent establishment in a post-BEPS 2.0 era

A look at the development of the traditional PE concept in a future tax environment where the methods to allocate taxing rights are changing and an integral approach becomes fundamental for multinational companies to stay in control of their global tax position.

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Mobility and the effect of Covid-19: employees working remotely in different countries

International movement of employees came to a near standstill for a while under Covd-19. This resulted in employees more or less being forced to work remotely. And while international travel is picking up again, some employees are choosing to continue to work remotely, giving rise to multiple obligations and challenges for employers.

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Be aware of the cybersecurity risks that your critical business activities are carrying, and take action

The logistic service providers must treat cybersecurity risks as business risks and identify their critical business activities, to ensure an effective and efficient response mechanism. 

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“Be prepared for the tax governance of the future” 

In the midst of the multi-lateral push to address global tax avoidance and increased transparency, what does the future hold for internationally active companies from a tax governance perspective?

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Scenario planning as tool to ensure compliance and mitigate the unforeseen tax implications under BEPS 2.0

In this article we discuss the need for conducting scenario planning to address the impact of BEPS 2.0, so that the strategy to ensure compliance under BEPS 2.0 is determined in advance, including whether changes in the operating model are required to mitigate unforeseen tax implications.

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