International Voice of the Month

April 2021


Embracing the concept of permanent establishment in a changing world

A look at ongoing trends relating to the developing concept of permanent establishments and the need for a changing mindset by multinational companies.

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Value chain analysis as a component of scenario planning to address fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic

How scenario planning techniques combined with a value chain analysis can help to deliver continued business growth even in the face of uncertainty and disruption.

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The development of Tax Transparency up close

Finally, DAC6 has been fully implemented in the European Region and it is expected to have a profound impact on Tax Transparency.

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Here is the T(ax) in ESG

There is a significant need for corporate tax strategy to have a far more prominent role in ESG policies and a consideration of how this can happen.

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March 2021

European Union helping internationally active companies to create a tailor made approach towards cybersecurity

The global regulators have also increased their focus towards tackling cybersecurity risks. In this regard, the recently presented Cybersecurity strategy by the European Commission is one of the examples that focuses on promoting stable, and secure cyberspace within the European Union.

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OECD’s transfer pricing guidance for taxpayers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic: practical comments

On December 18, 2020, the OECD released guidance on the transfer pricing implications of the Covid-19 pandemic (“the Covid-19 Guidance” or “the Guidance”). The Covid-19 Guidance comes at an opportune time and provides much needed clarification for taxpayers as they evaluate the application of transfer pricing rules for the period impacted by Covid-19 and seek to avoid triggering risks that could lead to audits and adjustments.

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Things may be becoming clearer – the EU keeps adding to global tax transparency

A look at the EU Members’ recent debate on public country by country reporting may signify for corporate tax transparency.

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The future of holding and finance companies - challenging times ahead

A consideration of current trends in international taxation and their impact on the efficiency of holding and finance companies as part of international tax planning policies employed by internationally active companies.

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