The world is in a transition to a sustainable economy that is climate neutral, recycles raw materials and focuses on diversity. Companies will also have to do their part to keep our earth livable for future generations. Due to stricter legislation, disruptive innovations and growing demand from customers and employees, it is no longer a question of whether you will become more sustainable, but how you will go about it.

Do you want to increase your positive impact? Then engage the specialists of ESG Consulting. Because a well thought-out sustainability strategy and effective reporting not only improve your social and societal impact, it also contributes to your business performance. Our specialists know the developments within your market and focus specifically on the challenges of medium-sized companies. ESG Consulting offers practically manageable insights and thinks along with you about feasible solutions.

RSM can assist you as follows: 

RSM's ESG Rapid Assessment is designed to fit into your ESG journey. It allows you to formalize and align your ESG mandate with your corporate values, determine your current ability to track and report on ESG information, and determine the specific path to strengthen your program.

Preparing an ESG report can be a daunting task and sometimes requires additional support. RSM is experienced in developing ESG, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and impact reports for organizations regardless of your size, industry or ESG maturity.

RSM's approach to ESG due diligence is rooted in the industry. We leverage our extensive network of industry analysts to provide insight into trends and competitive landscapes to identify significant and material ESG risks associated with transactions, assess the adequacy of ESG risk consideration and pricing, and recommend mitigation efforts.

Technology can enhance or introduce new capabilities, free up capacity and accelerate the integration of ESG into your operational processes. With ESG, however, there is no one-size-fits-all technology solution. RSM takes a collaborative, vendor agnostic approach to determine the most value-enhancing and appropriate ESG technology solutions.

RSM's audit, risk and ESG teams work together to assess whether your organization's processes, systems and controls support the accurate, complete and reliable reporting of ESG information.

Not all companies are ready to hire a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) - but can benefit from the value of their expertise. With our CSO Outsourcing Services, our experienced professionals work with you to develop and implement your ESG strategies, so you can achieve your goals without distractions and keep your team focused on the core activities of your business.

ESG Counseling sessions build on your company's existing "ESG foundation"; the expertise, maturity and initiatives in place. Knowledge about important ESG developments is transferred, implications are discussed and concrete next steps are determined. These sessions also create commitment among the appropriate stakeholders within your company.

Want to learn more about the requirements of the CSRD, how to comply with them and how to benefit from them?

Strategy & Sustainability Consulting

The CSRD requires companies within the European Union to identify environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and provide sustainability information to its stakeholders. This information must be included in the management report from fiscal year 2025 and reviewed by an external party.

To comply with this review, timely preparation is required.

More information can be found on our dedicated CSRD-page

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