Having wealth offers many opportunities, but there are also challenges. RSM gives you peace of mind and helps with practical details and financial advice, for the near and distant future.

Our goal is for you to be able to reap the benefits of your wealth and enjoy the chances and possibilities. To keep your focus on the positive things, you want as little red tape as possible. You can place all your financial, fiscal and legal concerns with us in accordance with your personal wishes. You decide which matters you’d like to turn over to us. We can of course also work smoothly together with other parties involved in managing your assets.

What is a Family Office?

A Family Office is a service offering assistance and advice to owners of large private wealth. Financial decisions can often have complex consequences. Our Family Office service helps you to understand these consequences and thus make the right decisions. We look at the present and into the future, keeping an eye on potential changes in your situation and in external factors.

In addition, this service can be, if desired, very practical. Besides the large decisions there are always a number of day-to-day tasks that take energy. The management of domestic and international property for example. Accounts and regulations. Paying personnel. RSM takes the concerns you don´t want to worry about out of your hands. Together we come up with a plan, which focusses entirely on your needs and the management of your wealth. We are flexible and can always respond to changes.

Reporting and sparring

A Family Office service can be set up in a number of ways. We believe it’s best if we decide the structure together. Your needs can change over time, external factors can change. RSM is your partner, flexible and reliable. We have the ability to support you in every financial, fiscal, legal and organizational aspect. Together we’ll decide how and what to report and what you may want to keep doing yourself. What is guaranteed for you is that we are your sparring partner and we’ll advise you on every current or new situation from the perspective of what’s best for the management of your wealth.

International investments

Do you have plans to invest abroad, for example  investments in private property such as housing and transport. The laws and regulation change often in the Netherlands as wel as in other countries.  RSM has a large global network. This allows us to communicate with the specialists abroad and stay up to date of the latest changes in regulations.
In return we can also help clients who have a part of their assets or property situated in the Netherlands. What's important is that we can always respond quickly to changes in the market and your personal situation.