8 January 2021

New publication of the Ministry about bonus and dividend prohibition

Recently, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (hereinafter: SZW) has published on its website its position on which companies, within a group, the so-called bonus and dividend prohibition applies, as well as the prohibition of share buy...
31 December 2020

Brexit deal done; Now what?

The  EU and the United Kingdom have finally reached agreement on a Free Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). However, it should be noted that the UK has left the EU and therefore is no longer part of the EU single market and customs union and...
23 December 2020

The key elements of NOW 3.0 and the changes compared to NOW 1.0 and NOW 2.0

Update December 14th 2020 - On 9 December 2020, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate announced adjustments to the economic support and recovery package. These adjustments mean that under NOW 3.0 the previously proposed reductions will be...
18 December 2020

Extension of special deferral for tax payments

Update 14 december 2020 - We earlier reported on the extension of the special deferral for tax payments as a result of the corona crisis. You can read about that here. The option to apply for an extended deferral was later extended.
18 December 2020

Fixed expenses arrangements increased and extended to include Q1 2021.

The TVL is an allowance for fixed costs for companies that are economically affected by the corona crisis. After an initial compensation period (June to September 2020) for companies in a limited number of industries, the TVL has been extended,...
4 December 2020

DAC6 reporting deadlines are near – Time to take action

The extended deadlines for reporting under DAC6 are approaching. There is limited time left to form conclusions on the cross-border arrangements and disclose any reportable arrangements to the relevant tax authorities. 
3 December 2020

Year-end updates for the employer

As the end of the year is approaching we have listed a number of important focus areas and changes for 2021 for the employer. The following topics are discussed in this newsletter: 
1 December 2020

COVID-19 and transfer pricing: year-end adjustments

The Covid-19 pandemic, unprecedented economic downturn and widespread uncertainty are a few of the global themes that have characterized 2020. We hope that this article can serve as a point of departure to help companies address the uncertainty in...
9 November 2020

UBO register has come into force

On Sunday 27 September 2020, the legal obligation to register UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) came into effect. As from this date, newly established entities must also register their UBO(s) by using a ‘UBO form’...
21 September 2020

Budget day special - 2021 Tax Plan

This Budget Day Special outlines important proposals in the 2021 Tax Plan and additional legislative proposals. This special is divided into the following topics: 
15 September 2020

Emergency package 3.0 in connection with the corona crisis

On August 28, the Dutch government informed the Dutch parliament on the so-called emergency package 3.0 in connection with the corona crisis. The measures from the third emergency package are designed to support companies and employees with the...
7 August 2020

Notification obligation for temporary secondment of employees to the Netherlands

As of March 1, 2020, a notification obligation applies to companies from other EEA countries (all EU Member States and Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) or Switzerland who assign employees to work temporarily in the Netherlands. This reporting...