RSM assists your company with all tax aspects of mergers & acquisitions. Our tax consultants are part of the financial due diligence team that assist your company with the merger and/or transaction process.

Well-informed before you make a purchase or enter into a merger

In the event of a merger or an acquisition, it is important to know exactly what you are acquiring. Both with respect to the historic and the current tax position of the company and any outstanding or potential claims from the Dutch Tax Authorities.

The RSM experts will sort it out for you, so you know beforehand exactly where you stand, allowing you to make well-considered decisions in the interests of your company. Our team will provide an overview of the following topics for the past few years:

  • Corporate Tax
  • VAT
  • Wage tax
  • Transfer pricing
  • Withholding tax
  • Real Estate transfer tax

We carry out our tax due diligence on the basis of the documentation, past tax returns and interviews with the company of your choice. Our reports will provide you with a proper overview of the financial and fiscal state of the company or business unit you have in mind. We also advise you on the content of the purchase or merger agreement and identify any tax risks we may have identified. As a result, you are well positioned for the transaction and the negotiations.

Our role in transactions

If you intend to sell (part of) your business, it is important to be transparent in the negotiations in order to strengthen your own negotiating position. Your RSM tax team will be happy to help you clearly analyse your own tax position with respect to the financial statements and corporation tax in recent years. We can also prepare a Vendor Tax Due Diligence or Vendor Tax Assist report for you. This will give you (and your buyers) more insight into your tax position. These are not stand-alone reports but will be integrated with the financial vendor due diligence reports. Obviously, we will provide you with advice aimed at strengthening your negotiating position.

Would you like more information?

Would you like tax advice on a merger or an acquisition? We look forward to assisting you with all tax aspects of the transaction. Please contact us.