A smoothly functioning and efficient supply chain or supply chain is the aspiration of many companies. When changes occur in your supply chain or when a chain crosses national borders, this can present a complex issue. RSM's consultants are happy to assist you with advice and solutions to optimise your supply and distribution chain. Naturally, we also question our colleagues from Tax and Audit where necessary. This way, you can meet your customers' demands, knowing that your supply chain is functioning optimally.

International trade, transfer pricing and VAT

If your supply chain crosses borders, you will have to deal with both the import and export of goods and services. Our consultants will be happy to advise you on good transfer pricing policies. We also work out the associated legally required transfer pricing documentation for you. We are also happy to review with you your internal customs processes and classification of goods. We also advise you on making smart choices when it comes to VAT in your supply chain. For example, we advise you in which countries you can best pay VAT. Even when your products are ready, the international export and distribution of your products involves a lot. Thanks to its own global network and experience in international trade, RSM is the expert who can guide you through export controls, for example.

A robust supply chain

Global political and economic changes have a direct impact on your supply chain. Think, for instance, of increased transport costs and shortages of raw materials and materials. This is happening so fast that it is difficult to keep up with it all, with all the (negative) consequences for the service to the end customer in the chain. So by having and keeping your supply chain compliant and efficient, you create value for your own customers. This value can be different for each customer, but these values are central for all our customers: sustainability, visibility, transparency and digitalisation. Our Supply Chain consultants are focused on continuing, optimising and growing your company and business. Naturally, we strive to be as efficient as possible in terms of cost, sustainability and time. A resilient supply chain is your key to success. And that is exactly what you can turn to us for. We ensure that your supply chain is resilient to the constant changes in cross-border trade.

A sustainable supply chain

Sustainability is becoming more important every day. This applies to laws and regulations, but also because consumers increasingly demand more insight and proof about the sustainability not only of a product, but of the entire supply chain. RSM's Supply Chain consultants will be happy to go in-depth with you to make the entire chain, but perhaps also specific parts of it, more sustainable.

Depending on your wishes and goals, we will provide advice that will enable you to make your supply chain compliant and demonstrably more sustainable.

  • Supply Chain Consulting's specialisations are:
  • Customs and logistics advice
  • VAT
  • Transfer Pricing
  • International trade compliance
  • Sustainability

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In cross-border trade, issues such as VAT, customs, international trade compliance and transfer pricing are just around the corner. Each specialism in turn affects the other: it creates a chain reaction. Our team of Supply Chain consultants therefore consists of experienced business consultants with one or more of the aforementioned areas of specialisation.

A supply chain knows no secrets thanks to our holistic approach. We promote transparency and visibility in the chain so that your supply chain strategy can be adjusted, according to your current and future needs and requirements. We strive to advise and implement a sustainable solution for a resilient and compliant supply chain. Therefore, we keep it easy and clear, so that a difference can be made for all parties in the chain.

These are our specialisations within Supply Chain Consulting:

An often underestimated part in the chain, as you may have experienced with the Brexit. Our experts are not only legally savvy, but also have knowledge and experience in practical applications such as:

  • Setting up or improving internal customs processes
  • Classification of goods
  • Tailor-made trainings. Focused on examples from daily practice
  • Analysing data to review and optimise warehouse and logistics processes
  • VAT

No supply chain without VAT implications. Our VAT experts are experienced tax specialists who also know everything there is to know about setting up and implementing e-commerce processes, among other things. They advise on and assist with topics such as:

  • VAT registrations and returns
  • General tax representation
  • Setting up (I)OSS registrations for e-commerce activities
  • DAC7 screening and reporting

Transfer Pricing comes into the picture in transactions between affiliates. After all, is the price determined correctly? It is a legal requirement to have this documented. Our TP experts will find that out for you through:

  • A functional analysis
  • Document study
  • Creating a master file/local file
  • International trade compliance

Who are the partners in the chain? Where are the goods going and to whom? Supply chain due diligence is incredibly important, especially if you are asked to demonstrate in which countries and with which partners you do business, in the context of international sacntie, for example. Be sure to consider the requirements under the Wwft as well. Our experts advise on:

  • Laws and regulations on export controls and sanctions
  • Screening of parties in the chain
  • Preparation and implementation of Internal Compliance Programmes
  • Classification of goods according to Dual-Use Regulation, Military Goods List and/or EAR/ITAR

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