When running a family business, you regularly need to deal with tax issues. Both in the here and now, but certainly also with respect to succession and the transfer of business. RSM is the expert in the field of tax consultancy and assisting family businesses. Thanks to our personal approach, you will work together with a permanent team of experts who get to know you and the family well and can therefore provide you with the best advice. We are happy to assist you with the following matters.

Estate planning is about transferring wealth to the next generation, taking your wishes into account and in a tax-effective way. Our estate planning experts at RSM  Private Client Services are happy to advise you on how to structure your wealth in the most beneficial way with respect to tax, for yourself and your loved ones. Read more.

Family governance is about making, recording and maintaining agreements regarding the relationships between family members and their relationship to the company. Important instruments for determining family governance are the family meeting that decides on the family strategy, which is laid down in a family charter. RSM can assist you and your family in mapping family governance, drawing up clear agreements, so that everyone in the family is aware of their rights and obligations. Read more.

Under the Dutch Inheritance Tax two taxes are levied: inheritance tax and gift tax. Inheritance tax applies to inheritances received from a Dutch resident. Gift tax applies to gifts received from a Dutch resident. Therefore, the place of residence of the deceased or the donor is decisive for levying Dutch inheritance tax. Read more

The annual personal income tax returns and occasional gift and inheritance tax returns are complex for substantial shareholders, entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals. The RSM experts know the legislation and annually changing tax regulations like no other, thanks to continuous training and knowledge building. Read more

Having wealth offers many opportunities, but there are also challenges. RSM gives you peace of mind and helps with practical details and financial advice, for the near and distant future. Our goal is for you to be able to reap the benefits of your wealth and enjoy the chances and possibilities. To keep your focus on the positive things, you want as little red tape as possible. You can place all your financial, fiscal and legal concerns with us in accordance with your personal wishes. You decide which matters you’d like to turn over to us. We can of course also work smoothly together with other parties involved in managing your assets. Read more

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Please contact RSM's Family Businesses department with your questions about your family business