Our values

Committed: "We stand for personal, loyal and genuine involvement."

Our values
  • We realize long-term relationships with our clients; we really listen (power of being understood), unburden and are understanding, respectful and committed.
  • We welcome our colleagues, we know them personally and encourage their development.
  • We value collaboration and connection, adding value to our clients by introducing our network.
  • We are internationally connected, but locally involved.

Responsible: "We create social value."

Our values
  • We are aware of the social role that RSM fulfils
  • We act with integrity; this is part and parcel of our profession
  • We are part of a greater whole and deal with it as good stewards. With our sustainable services, we consider everyone's continuity and everyone's role in society.

Unconventional : "We are not only experts in the field, but also unconventional sparring partners."

Our values
  • We are a professional, independent sparring partner with a strong focus on the personal relationship. 
  • We deliver quality. Through our knowledge and experience and by understanding each other and looking beyond the question asked.
  • We work respectfully, with commitment and are critical, both when asked and unasked, to achieve a better result together. 

Progressive: "We strive to do better tomorrow than we did today."

Our values
  • We have a strong ambition to be continuously innovative and inspiring with a view to tomorrow; for the future of our customer and that of society.
  • We continue to develop ourselves continuously by learning from and with each other.