RSM Interim Services

Mediation for temporary professionals for lasting results

Do you need a highly qualified interim manager, project manager or programme manager? Because you need specific expertise, because someone unexpectedly needs replacing or because you need support with the rapid expansion of your organisation? RSM Interim Services is happy to provide independent professionals to carry out specific interim assignments.

Do you need flexible support in the event of calamities, programmes and business growth?

Do you want your organisation to remain adaptable and flexible but continue to be able to use the right knowledge and experience in every department or project? The solution is an interim professional: specific expertise at a time that suits you.

This can be a programme or project manager, a replacement when someone is absent long term, but also a general manager who takes your organisation to the next level.

For example, you engage an interim professional when you:

  • want to properly manage the rapid expansion of your company
  • want to develop a new, complex division of service provision
  • need adequate control information
  • are faced with capacity problems
  • need specific expertise for a project
  • want to re-implement a crashed ERP system
  • want to do business abroad for the first time

Need someone immediately?

Companies often need an interim manager at very short notice. We understand that. If you call RSM Interim Services today, a temporary professional can get to work quickly - sometimes even within a day.

Mediation for interim professionals in finance, ICT, business operations and more

RSM works with a large but select pool of independent interim professionals in the fields of finance, ICT and company-wide business operations. In addition, we regularly provide companies with interim HRM professionals, supply chain professionals, change managers, programme and project managers and marketing and sales specialists. All of them have a proven track record. Because of this diversity, we can almost always provide the right man or woman for your interim assignment.

Who does RSM Interim Services work for?

We work for both solid medium-sized companies as well as larger organisations, and for both the profit and non-profit sectors. In addition, we work for both our own clients and companies that are not clients of RSM. There is one exception: we explicitly do not provide strategic financial interim services to our own clients that are subject to a statutory audit. Our professional rules forbid this - and we like to be clear about that.

How do we approach an interim assignment?

A temporary professional has to make a lasting difference in your company. That is our vision and that is the focus of our approach. That is why we pay attention to three factors at the start of an interim assignment:

  • a well-qualified interim professional - with up-to-date expertise - the client can rely on;
  • a good client, who knows exactly what he or she assigns the interim professional and also provides him or her with structural and correct information;
  • good timing: the interim professional should not be called in too early - but certainly not too late(!)

Crucial in our approach is the personal and intensive contact with you as a client. That is where the effective match begins.

To ensure a sustainable result, RSM monitors the content and progress of the assignment. There must be a clear plan of approach, including clear agreements and expectations. These are also reviewed on a regular basis. For example, by default an evaluation is performed after the first four weeks: what is going well, what is not? What additional resources or employees are needed to successfully carry out the assignment? Based on this, adjustments can be made.

Do you wish to employ professionals on a permanent basis?

At RSM Interim Services, clients are increasingly contacting us with the request to help them find permanent employees instead of interim professionals. We are happy to support you in that search through our Special Search service. Thanks to our extensive network, we are often successful in recruiting special professionals that you would never have been able to find in the market yourself. Using the motto 'we don't deliver what you ask for, but what you need', this service is growing steadily.

Would you like more information on our interim services?

Would you like to hire an interim professional to achieve lasting results? Or a permanent employee who contributes to the success of your company? Please contact:
Wim Haan
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Interim Services

For more information please contact:

Wim Haan
+31(0)45 405 55 55
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