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As a property operator, you are constantly facing new challenges. In today's changing market, it is crucial to be able to assess challenges and changes well in advance and act on them. It is recommended that you adjust your policy accordingly, allowing both you and your company to identify the tax consequences of market changes as early as possible. With RSM as your tax partner, you can be assured of that.

Property management, including project development, consists of many phases: start-up, expansion and sale are but a few of them. Various aspects come into play, including tax. It is important to take advantage of the tax options the law offers operators. And these are plentiful.

Property and taxation

With all issues, we always keep a close eye on the following matters. Would you like to know more about tax legislation and regulations as they apply to your situation and their consequences? Please do not hesitate to contact us for personal advice.

Reduced transfer tax for homes

  • When purchasing a house (portfolio) it is important to check whether the standard rate, the low rate or an exemption applies to transfer tax.

VAT and transfer tax for new construction

  • It is worth checking whether the so-called split purchase/contract agreement may apply to your new construction project.

Reinvestment reserve

  • We can advise you on the conditions, internal documentation requirements and possibilities with respect to setting up and making use of a reinvestment reserve.

Business Succession Facilities (BOF/BOR)

  • By taking advantage of the possibilities tax legislation offers with respect to business succession, a so-called Vastgoed-B.V. [a private property company with limited liability] can be passed on to the next generation in a tax-favourable manner; both when alive (donation) and in the event of death (inheritance).

Landlord levy

  • Not the most exciting tax, but the tax return must be filed correctly and on time.


  • We are your partner for minimising the tax consequences in the event of a restructuring of your property portfolio.

Assessment under the Valuation of Immovable Property Act [WOZ]

  • In many cases, savings can be made by reducing the WOZ value of your property.

Income in box 1 or box 3

  • By passively managing your property portfolio, you can always look for the most favourable income tax payment.

Immovable Property Entities (OZL)

  • The sale of a Vastgoed-B.V. can be qualified as an immovable property entity (OZL). In this case, the buyer is usually required to pay the transfer tax. We can inform and/or advise you on the exceptions.

Income tax, corporation tax, turnover tax, transfer tax, and gift tax and inheritance tax returns

  • We take care of all your tax returns. Where necessary, we will advise you proactively on possible optimisations.

Property funds

We advise and assist your property fund with respect to the following tax issues:

  • the tax consequences of transferring property to different business units,
  • the transparency of your funds (CV/FGR), and
  • with your tax investment institution (FBI).

Property and accountancy

Our accountants are familiar with the most recent guidelines for preparing the financial statements, especially with respect to immovable property entities. Where necessary, RSM's accountants are assisted by a technical department.

Second opinion on valuations of property portfolios

There may be a fundamental difference between the value and price of your property portfolio; valuations and appraisals do not necessarily have the same outcome. Our valuators can (re)assess property valuations based on calculation methodologies/models/assumptions and correctness of DCF calculations.

Would you like more information about our services for the property sector?

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