As a high net-worth individual, an entrepreneur or owner of a business, you accumulate wealth during life. Our estate planning experts at RSM  Private Client Services are happy to advise you on how to structure your wealth in the most beneficial way with respect to tax, for yourself and your loved ones. In doing so, we first take into account your wishes for your current situation and your wishes for the future, such as retirement or with respect to your estate.

Smart transfer of wealth to the next generation

Estate planning is about transferring wealth to the next generation, taking your wishes into account and in a tax-effective way.  Consider for example structuring the gifts you plan to make during your lifetime and the optimization of your inheritance. But the transfer to third parties such as charitable organizations is also one of the options. Estate planning is inextricably linked to the structure of your prenuptial agreement and your last will. That is why we have in-depth and up to date knowledge of family law, inheritance law and property law.

We constantly keep the tax aspect of your assets up-to-date.

The various important key moments in your life may have an impact on the tax treatment f your wealth. Consider, for example, moving in together, getting married, having (grand)children or getting divorced. Together with our RSM Private Clients Services experts you regularly discuss the changes in your life and we will provide you with appropriate advice on the tax consequences.

We actively contact you in the event of any changes in legislation and regulations that may apply to you. This is how together we ensure that your estate planning remains up to date.

Have you properly organised your privacy?

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the expanding public wish for more transparency leading to an increasing requirement of disclosing more private information. We are happy to provide you with an insight into the various alternative options of maximizsing your financial privacy.

Estate planning services: 

We look forward to supporting you with the following matters:

  • Wealth and income structuring
  • Prenuptial agreement
  • Divorce
  • Pension planning
  • Wills and estate planning
  • Transfer of wealth during lifetime
  • Charitable planning
  • Pre-emigration and emigration planning
  • Privacy structuring

Would you like more information?

Please contact RSM Private Client Services and ask us your questions relating to your estate planning.

Download de brochure 'RSM Estate Planning' in pdf.

More information?

Please contact RSM Private Client Services and ask us your questions relating to your estate planning.