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New Trends in Financial Reporting – Integrated Reporting

24 March 2016
In an earlier article we have previously written about new trends influencing financial reporting including the concept of Integrated Reporting. 

Charitable Entities raising money from Investors

14 March 2016
Many charities and not-for-profit entities want to explore different forms of funding.  We are also increasingly seeing a blurring of the lines between charitable entities and commercial entities. 

Budgets – Your guide to a perfect(?) one

29 February 2016
Budgets are important.  Done well they help people and organisations plan their future, monitor their progress towards it, and achieve their goals.  Hence creating a good budget for your organisation is a key skill and tool in your creating the future you want and hopefully sustainable success.

The Purpose of your Incorporated Society - Can it make money? And who can take it home?

16 February 2016
One of the interesting clarifications under the proposed Incorporated Societies Bill relates to money making activities undertaken by societies and member's access to monies or assets of the incorporated society.

Incorporated Societies Bill - Timeline? And do we have to act now?

9 February 2016
As we've highlighted previously the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 is up for an overhaul.  The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) released their Exposure Draft of the Incorporated Societies Bill in November 2015.  So what is the timeline from here?

Donated Goods Amendment Issued

2 February 2016
We've previously written on the topic of Opportunity Shops and the potential practical problem created by the new accounting standards and how these require accounting for donated goods.   We are now pleased to provide an update.

Consolidations – an accounting or a strategic issue?

26 January 2016
We’ve previously advised that consolidations of entities for accounting purposes is likely to be one of the more challenging aspects of complying with the new mandatory accounting standards.  While the accounting concept and mechanics need working through, it is perhaps more important and possibly more beneficial to consider this issu

Exemption notice | Respite for some Australian subsidiaries

18 January 2016
Australian subsidiaries that apply Class Order 98/1418 no longer need to prepare another set of accounts for themselves (and any subsidiaries) for the purpose of their New Zealand reporting obligations

Incorporated Societies Bill - Proposed Accounting & Audit Requirements

14 December 2015
As previously advised the proposed overhaul of our Incorporated Societies legislation has now been released for public consultation in New Zealand.  [Involved in an Incorporated Society?

Involved in an Incorporated Society?  Big changes coming!

16 November 2015
As we’ve previously advised and written on; a significant overhaul of New Zealand’s Incorporated Societies legislation is currently underway. 

Resident Director Rule Now in Force

11 November 2015
As we reported previously the Companies Amendment Act 2014 (‘the Act’) became effective from 1 May 2015.  As highlighted to you in an earlier publication, a significant change as a result of this new legislation, is the requirement for all companies registered in New Zealand to have at least one New Zealand resident director.

Social Impact Investing

30 October 2015
Is it the new Holy Grail for the charitable/NFP sector?  Or just a theoretical concept and lot of hot air?  We look at this new area of funding in the charitable/NFP sector and some words of wisdom from a recent visiting UK expert and explorer in this area; David Carrington.

PBES: Which Tier should we report in?

1 October 2015
Now that the transition to the new Public Benefit Entity (PBE) accounting standards is fast becoming a reality some organisations are thinking about which tier they should be in.

New Trends in Financial Reporting

15 September 2015
Financial reporting is not a static discipline.  It changes and evolves in response to new legislation, requirements of regulators and changes in accounting standards, as well as various other demands from other stakeholder groups and new initiatives. 

Transparency for Charities | A double-edged sword

8 September 2015
A culture of increased transparency – Welcome to the new world for charities.  However this could also be known as ‘the outing of charities in the press.’  Is your charity prepared? Heard about charities in the media lately?


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