Are you looking to connect with a better future? RSM New Zealand provides specialist business consulting services for the short, medium or long term.

Partnership is at the heart of our working style. We start by getting to know the challenges that your business is facing. Using that information, we’ll bring on board consulting specialists from our global network in order to offer the exact business consultancy support you require from us.

Our team will work with you to put forward consulting solutions that meet those challenges and best meet the needs of your business. Our international expertise spans multiple sectors, which means we’re expertly placed to offer a comprehensive range of business consulting services:

CRM system implementation

Using an effective Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system can provide businesses with a comprehensive view of their customers and prospects – as well as their employee’s interactions with them. RSM New Zealand can help implement systems to your specific requirements – from the proposal stage right through to staff training and ongoing support.

Cloud accounting

With our in-depth knowledge of IT and accounting, RSM New Zealand can help you benefit from a Cloud Accounting solution – easy-to-use accounting software offering access to data from any device at anytime, anywhere and at no initial cost. RSM’s business consultants work with you to find the best solution for your needs and make a seamless transition.

Due diligence

A matter of prudence and good business practice, due diligence is an important process – giving you impartial verification that a provider or potential acquisition delivers on promises made. Our business consulting solutions include thorough due diligence that covers all the issues that need to be addressed and highlights anything you need to be aware of.

ERP system implementation

As part of our comprehensive range of consulting services, RSM New Zealand has experience in supporting businesses implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. From research to installation and training, our team can ensure your software solution helps your employees to work more effectively by breaking down barriers between business units.

Strategies for business growth

For new or established businesses alike, the challenges of growing your businesses are still the same. The key to success is the effective management of your growth strategies, with multiple ways to improve or expand your business model. Our depth of experience in providing business consultancy support can ensure you’re operating at peak performance and primed for growth.


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