RSM New Zealand


People aren’t just important to our business …they ARE our business!


That’s right – our success as a firm is determined by having talented, engaged, well-trained people working together for the common cause of serving our clients.

  • RSM in New Zealand are committed to helping everyone reach his or her full potential. Our first choice will always be to promote and transfer our existing talent.
  • Our focus on recruitment, training, career mentoring, professional exam support and people development is geared towards helping you, as an individual, reach your potential, while still being a key part of our team.
  • A career at RSM will never be dull.
  • Your unique personality and skills make you one of a kind—and of value to RSM.
  • RSM professionals are a range of diverse personalities and cultures who support our communities all while passionately serving their clients.  
  • We invite you to explore RSM and see what it's like to be part of a team that challenges you to be your best.   Imagine what we will achieve together


Being a member of our team has many benefits and advantages.


As a member of the RSM International network we offer employees an opportunity to develop personal and professional skills through our International Secondment Program.