Local Connections | Global Network

The power of understanding.

RSM NZ is a professional services provider of business consulting and advisory services, catering to ambitious Kiwi and international enterprises. We are proud leaders of the middle-market space, offering tailored services that go hand-in-hand with our commitment to building lasting relationships. Specialising in assurance, tax, and business advisory, we harness our global network to provide clients with localised understanding and creative solutions that are unique to their needs.

With offices in Albany, Highbrook, and Newmarket, our legacy spans over seven decades in New Zealand. Our team of 23 partners are known for their commitment across a range of industries from technology to forestry, to personal wealth.

We pride ourselves on tailoring advice with the aim to instill confidence in decision-makers, enabling them to take charge future-focused, agile, and digital change. Our integrated teams share skills and resource to deliver precise and ethical services to our clients by aligning their goals with new legislation and evolving societal demands.

We are a preferred choice because RSM is more than a consultancy firm; we are partners in growth, having guided businesses through effective scale and transformation.

We have three offices situated in Auckland:  Auckland, Auckland North, and Auckland Central