We have a significant focus and depth of commitment to the not-for-profit and charitable sector.

Supporting you not-for-profit/charitable organisation's aims is our business.  We understand your sector; acting as auditors or advisors to a significant number of New Zealand charities, trusts, incorporated societies and other not-for-profit membership organisations. 

Our team is local and experienced and utilise a customised audit methodology for not-for-profit and charitable organisations.  Our audit approach places an emphasis on early planning and an understanding of not-for-profit organisations that allows us to tailor our procedures to their specific needs.  The result is an effective independent audit that allows you to identify process improvements and plan more accurately for the future.

In addition, we work with a number of philanthropists and funders of the not-for-profit sector and thus understand, from their perspective, the challenges of allocating funding between competing interests.  

Your charity. Our focus.

We know running a not-for-profit/charitable organisation isn't always straightforward. With so many regulations to follow it can be easy to lose sight of the principle aims of your charity – to help others. When you choose RSM you can be reassured we have all the financial, governance and management knowledge and experience your charity needs, so you can concentrate on what is most important to you and your funders.

Meeting your individual needs

By getting to know our clients, we find the right solutions, whatever you need.

Ensuring your audit adds value

Audits don't have to be onerous and our approach is to assess the size and complexity of your charity before we begin auditing; we aren't interested in just ticking boxes, we want to know what makes our charity clients tick.

Making a difference to how you operate

Other key areas where we can make a difference to your charity include coping with funding changes, identifying your social impact, managing charity tax risks, carrying out independent governance reviews, managing financial difficulties and maximising scarce reserves, finding effective ways to work collaboratively or to merge, and establishing new social enterprises.

New Incorporated Societies Act 2022 – Some key implications

15 June 2022
The Incorporated Societies Act 2022 is the new governing legislation for all incorporated societies in Aotearoa.  Since it has been 114 years since the last Act it’s not too surprising that there are some reasonably significant changes in requirements. 

Charting the Future: A framework for thinking about change

15 June 2020
Post covid will see many challenges, including for funding that charitable groups, NGO's, NFP's and other community groups need in order to survive.

Important Update for Tier 1 & 2 Public Benefit Entities

13 May 2020
For ALL Tier 1 and Tier 2 PBEs  – Service Performance Reporting : Proposed Deferral of Effective Date of PBE FRS 48 and Update on Implementation and COVID-19 impacts. NZASB Proposal to Defer Effective Date of Service Performance Reporting from 1 January 2021 to 1 January 2022.

Five reasons not to set up an NFP

23 July 2018
As seen in Acuity Magazine.

True To Label

11 July 2018

Costs of Administration - How much is too much?

9 March 2018
Increasingly some charities and not-for-profit organisations are becoming concerned about their level of admin costs.  So what is an acceptable level of admin costs?  Is there a magic number or percentage?

Charity vs New Philanthropy

17 October 2017
A recent report on philanthropy focuses the mind on current techniques for giving and making a difference.  This article looks at some of the key findings and implications for funders as well as Charities and NFPs in New Zealand. 

Charity and the language we use…

12 September 2017
What’s in a word or a phrase?  Well sometimes a lot.  Whether we appreciate it or not much of the language we use carries considerable extra weight and meaning due to history, perceptions, and baggage connected with it.   

PBE Accounting Standards Adoption –The good, the bad, and the ugly

29 May 2017
New Zealand is now two years into our new accounting framework for Public Benefit Entities being applicable.  So how has it gone?  What has the experience been to date?  What can we learn from the adoption so far?

Fundraising Magazine - PBE Accounting Standards Adoption

29 May 2017
Fundraising New Zealand magazine has been New Zealand's premiere independent monthly subscriber publication for the not-for-profit sector, and associated support organisations and individuals, since 2002.

Trees that Count | Te Rahi o Tāne

19 April 2017
New Zealanders are being challenged to plant a native tree on Arbor Day 2017 (5 June) to set a record for the most trees ever planted on one day in New Zealand.

Accounting for Heritage Assets - why and how?

29 November 2016
Question: How do you value a church or a museum collection?