Following our recent Auckland and Wellington seminars co-presented with legal and governance experts Maria Clarke of Maria Clarke Lawyers and Kevin McCaffrey of Effective Governance we provide the following resources and links for incorporated societies to find out more about the changes.

Involved in an Incorporated Society? Big changes coming!
A summary article

Law Commission Appendix A 
Rules that must be included in constitutions

Societies and Trusts Register 
Search the Companies Office register to;

  • find out if you are a society registered under the Incorporated Societies Act or the Charitable Trusts Act 
  • find out if your branches are registered as branches or not
  • locate a copy of your constitution or trust deed (the version filed here is the legally valid version)

Report on proposed changes 
View the full report of the Law Commission on the proposed changes to the Incorporated Societies Act 1908

Timeframes and developments on new Act 
Look here to keep up to date with developments and time frame for the new Act


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