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Economic, legislative and social developments have led to today's educational institutions facing demands of increased levels of service with diminished budgets and revenues.

The financial and operational challenges that institutions experience must be addressed proactively, to avoid budget shortfalls and deliver on your commitment to students and employees. We understand how to alleviate the existing and emerging issues that you face and how to capitalise on available opportunities.

Our experienced professionals understand the challenges of educational institutions, and our experience working with public and private entities has given us a thorough knowledge and appreciation of the economics and politics that schools must contend with.


Our education practice brings a wealth of experience and industry-specific knowledge to schools and other educational institutions.  We help improve the performance of hundreds of educational institutions annually, developing an intimate understanding of the issues facing the industry. With our local presence backed by national and international resources, we offer a broad range of specialised assurance, tax and consulting services, designed specifically to address our clients' needs.


We keep our education clients abreast on impactful assurance, tax, consulting and regulatory developments, actively sharing respected insights through timely publications, seminars and alerts. We provide thought leadership positions to several key education sectors, presenting answers to your critical concerns with your resources and budget in mind.


We demonstrate our commitment to the education sector through our active involvement in various professional organisations and influential associations. By staying attuned to the latest trends and developments, our professionals can offer timely, practical solutions to proactively meet the needs of our clients. 

Newsletter for Schools

23 March 2016
School sector reviews happening in 2016 We appreciate that various reviews are often happening in schools in New Zealand but we think two of these underway in 2016 have potential to be quite significant longer term. 1.     Review of the Education Act 1989

The Purpose of your Incorporated Society - Can it make money? And who can take it home?

16 February 2016
One of the interesting clarifications under the proposed Incorporated Societies Bill relates to money making activities undertaken by societies and member's access to monies or assets of the incorporated society.

A Snapshot of the NZ Charities Sector & DIA Charities Services

16 December 2015
If you haven't seen the infographic below, it is well worth a look.  This infographic was pulled together by DIA Charities Services for their AGM this year and provides an interesting summary insight into the sector.