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Our Business advisory team helps SME owners with their day-to-day administrative needs, such as company secretarial and compliance, so they can get on with running their business. But it is in the area of planning for future wealth creation and maximising your wealth at retirement that our advisors can really make a difference.

Whether it is working with you to protect your assets, fund your business for growth, or develop an exit strategy to maximise your return for a comfortable retirement, our advisors devise practical solutions to help you achieve your goal.

Trial balance - Issue 61, December 2017

Trial Balance is the flagship publication of NZ CA member firms and covers a wide-range of articles on all aspects of business and accounting. The Trial Balance is published quarterly in March, June, September and December Issue 61 - December 2017 In this issue:
1 December 2017

Cash flow leads to success

Successful companies treat cash flow as an insurance policy, a buffer.  They have 3 to 10 times the ratio of cash to assets compared to their competition.
24 July 2017

Business vehicles - lease or buy?

If you are considering buying a new vehicle for your business and require finance, you have a choice of two options: to lease or buy the new vehicle.
11 July 2017

Draft Trusts bill

14 years since a paper called Some Problems in the Law of Trusts was released a draft Trusts Bill has been released for consultation. The draft Bill largely reflects the recommendations from the Law Commission’s review of trust law that commenced in 2009 culminating in a final report that was released in 2013.
26 June 2017
wound up trust

A wound up trust - all you need to know

A trust is wound up (brought to an end) when all of the trust’s assets are distributed to the beneficiaries or to another trust, either directly or by way of resettlement. 
21 June 2017


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