Is your business operating across multiple international markets?

It can take a huge amount of time and dedication to keep up to date with the ever-growing complexity of tax rules. RSM New Zealand’s tax consultants specialise in working with individuals and organisations that need the latest in-depth knowledge of local taxation rules.

Our team also provide skilled taxation advice that promotes seamless co-operation between tax professionals in different areas so you can make informed choices about your tax strategies.

Our tax services include

Corporate tax compliance and planning

Tax is an unavoidable part of doing business – and getting it wrong can have a negative impact. But working with RSM New Zealand’s tax specialists can make sure your business is equipped to navigate the complexities of tax legislation and meet all its obligations. Our corporate tax advice has benefited a wide range of corporate clients thanks to our balanced and integrated approach.

International tax planning

Are you thinking about expanding your New Zealand business into an overseas market? Looking at New Zealand as a new area for your global operations? Or does your business already have a presence in New Zealand – but you don’t fully understand your tax obligations? With the help of our experienced tax consultants, we can help you with all your international tax planning needs.

Personal tax planning and compliance

The financial needs of high-earning individuals and families can often be complex and difficult to understand. RSM New Zealand’s comprehensive tax planning and compliance service will ensure you’re able to make informed decisions when managing your income and investments – such as taxation advice for overseas investments, income tax planning and charitable giving.

Tax audit insurance

Tax audits can be expensive and are becoming more common. If your business or individual tax return is the subject of a random audit, enquiry or investigation, you’ll be responsible for paying the fees involved – which can run into thousands of dollars. As part of our taxation services, we offer the most complete tax audit insurance available so that you’re protected from this threat.

Tax investigations

Inland Revenue Department (IRD) risk reviews, tax investigations or tax audits can be stressful and time-consuming. But these can also be a fact of doing business in New Zealand. Our tax specialists are trained to deliver a range of support services – including dealing and liaising with IRD on all matters relating to tax audits and investigations.

Transfer pricing

Our tax consultants are uniquely placed to offer high quality, professional transfer pricing advice to our cross-border clients. Our international network and our adoption of the RSM International Tax Centre of Excellence approach means that we’re able to help co-ordinate and tailor effective transfer pricing documentation at any level.


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