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Knowledge is power – but only if it is delivered to you in a timely and easily accessible and understandable way.

There will always be changes. But an early understanding of a change often turns it from a threat to an opportunity.

Our audit and assurance updates seek to cut through the clutter, boil down the issues to their important essence, and keep you ahead of the game.

Inflation and statutory reporting thresholds

21 December 2021
After some years of not really being part of the economic discussion in New Zealand inflation is again in the news. While inflation is generally seen as concerning it can also mean that financial levels set previously may be out of date.

Why you should consider being audited

11 February 2020
This article explores the benefits of being financially audited for entities not required by law or regulation to be audited. Why are entities audited?

Accounting for Heritage Assets - why and how?

29 November 2016
Question: How do you value a church or a museum collection?

Anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism coming to an accountant, lawyer, and real estate agent near you …

4 October 2016
Combatting money laundering and financing of terrorism is an increasingly big issue internationally.  As part of the global community this also increasingly impacts New Zealand. 

Congratulations to the New Zealand Paralympians and Paralympics New Zealand!

20 September 2016
RSM heartily congratulates audit client Paralympics New Zealand and the entire New Zealand Paralympics Games team on their incredible results at the Rio 2016 Paralympics. 

Villa Maria wins top three prizes at Bragato Wine Awards

29 August 2016
RSM congratulates Villa Maria on their success taking out the top prizes at the Romeo Bragato Wine Awards. 

Special deals for Charities

8 June 2016
What's in a name? Well, possibly quite a lot if that name means your organisation is classified as a charity. 

Key Management Personnel disclosure for charities

1 June 2016
One of the financial reporting changes that now impacts a large proportion of charities is a mandatory requirement to disclose information regarding remuneration of key management personnel.  

Understanding the Importance of Due Diligence

31 May 2016
Thinking of buying or selling a business?  Perhaps counter-intuitively we urge you to pause and take a step back. 

Governance | Core functions of a governing body

12 May 2016
Good governance can make or break an organisation.  Or perhaps more commonly; it is a key factor in whether the organisation truly thrives and achieves its purpose, or alternatively just struggles on painfully, producing a mediocre result at best. 

Is your charity ready to comply with the new accounting standards?

21 April 2016
Effective 1 April 2016 New Zealand’s charities regulator has a new role – monitoring and checking compliance with the new mandatory financial reporting standards.  So how is the DIA Charities Services likely to approach this? The background to the changes

How to write a great statement of service performance report

7 April 2016
A key part of the new performance reports required of charities and other entities adopting the XRB’s PBE accounting standards is the requirement to present a statement of service performance report.  So how does an organisation write a great one?  Background

A spotlight on transport

6 April 2016
Profit margin is a measure used to define job effectiveness.  Third party logistics (3PL) companies remain relevant and competitive by being cost effective.  Longer route times, trickier cargo and an increase in customer demand around time and cost have driven the need for 3PL companies to collaborate for effective solutions.


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