Galina Bell
Tax Principal

Office : Auckland
Service : Tax

Galina Bell is a Tax Principal based at the Auckland office of RSM. Galina specialises in providing specialist tax advice to both national and international clients throughout the RSM network.

When Galina joined RSM New Zealand in 2009, she brought with her a number of years taxation experience across a wide variety of clients.  Galina works with New Zealand subsidiaries of large multinational companies, successful New Zealand businesses who had established themselves internationally and highly successful executives who represented their companies in New Zealand.  This includes looking after regulatory and compliance risks associated with growth and required liaison with the Inland Revenue Department, New Zealand Customs Services, New Zealand Companies Office and assistance with audits and rulings. Galina is also passionate about assisting start up businesses whose owners are young, ambitious and talented to deliver unique products with huge international potential.  She is committed to assisting them reach their global ambitions, and the opportunities that this creates for our country.

Galina enjoys the challenge of providing specialist tax advice in the dynamic environment of the global emerging markets and keeping up with the latest tax and legislative developments affecting businesses, especially those that have international interests.  Her understanding of these rules, combined with her ability to provide commercially practical advice, is what her clients value the most.

Additionally, Galina is also a popular presenter in her area of expertise and enjoys delivering training to our staff, at client seminars and at international taxation forums through the RSM network.

Galina has a Bachelor of Commerce, and a Master of Tax with First Class Honours from the University of Auckland and became a Chartered Accountant in 2010.  She is a Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), a professional association of Chartered Accountants.

With a vast experience and expertise in the tax field, Galina is ideally placed to assist with any new or existing client with the tools necessary to be legislatively compliant in all business transactions

“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognise them”

~ Ann Landers

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News articles

Ideas & Insights - Tax Update

30 November 2020
2020 is nearing an end and what a year it has been! As the international response to the Covid-19 outbreak continues we are working closely with clients both domestically and globally to prepare, respond, and share our experiences from a New Zealand perspective. Our commitment continues, but we are equally mindful that business “as usual as po...

Covid-19 Update: Changes to Wage Subsidy Scheme Announced

9 June 2020
The Government has recently announced a change to the eligibility criteria with regard to the extension of the Wage Subsidy Scheme. On 14 May 2020 Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced additional funding of up to $3.2 billion for a targeted extension of the Wage Subsidy Scheme (WSSE).  The extension provides for a further 8 weeks of pa...

COVID-19: Government help is on the way

16 April 2020
This week, the Government announced a suite of new measures for small and medium-sized businesses (”SME”) to assist with the severe impact of the COVID -19 pandemic on New Zealand economy as a whole and the SME sector in particular. The Government emphasised that this package is aimed at further supporting SMEs’ cashflow and confidence...

RSM World Day 2017

19 September 2017
A day when the independent member firms of the RSM network celebrate our shared values of Understanding, Collaboration and Ideas and Insight – this year, with an innovative twist. September marks ‘Innovation month’ internationally across all RSM member firms, in line with this, RSM New Zealand took the opportunity to mark our global day by...

Understanding Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) on motor vehicles

12 September 2017
The perks of FBT on motor vehicles for your employees Fringe benefits are often seeing as additional perks and a way to provide employees with further incentives. In this article we navigate the ins and outs of FBT on motor vehicles.  Although such benefits are not taxed in the hands of employees, employers are liable to pay fringe b...

RSM sponsors the LPGA New Zealand Tour

29 August 2017
Audit, tax and consulting specialists RSM New Zealand have joined the family of sponsors to support next month’s MCKAYSON New Zealand Women’s Open. The event, New Zealand’s richest golf tournament with NZ$1.85 million in prizemoney, will be staged at the new Windross Farm golf course in Auckland from 28 September to 1 October and will ...

Business vehicles - lease or buy?

11 July 2017
If you are considering buying a new vehicle for your business and require finance, you have a choice of two options: to lease or buy the new vehicle. Business vehicles – lease or buy? An operating lease will finance the use of a vehicle without transferring the ownership to you whereas under a finance lease (or hire purchase arrangement) yo...

New transfer pricing developments bring new risk for New Zealand multinationals

3 November 2016
The Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”), as we expect, is continuing its work tightening the so called “loopholes” in New Zealand’s (“NZ’s”) current tax regime for multinational enterprises (“MNE’s”). Following continued public and media scrutiny, the IRD have introduced several measures as part of the rollout of the OECD’s ac...

Do you provide remote services to NZ residents?

12 October 2016
Are you a non-resident business supplying remote services to NZ resident consumers? If so, you may be required to be registered for New Zealand GST and charge GST on services provided to NZ resident customers from 1 October 2016. When do you need to register for GST? You will need to be registered for GST when: your sales exceed NZD ...

New residential land tax from 1 July

28 June 2016
You may be aware that Residential Land Withholding Tax (RLWT) will soon apply to sales of certain properties in New Zealand. Will the implications of this new regime be relevant to you or your business? RLWT will generally apply when the sale amount is paid or payable on or after 1 July 2016 and: The property is located in New Ze...

BEPS vs the middle market. Who's winning?

8 June 2016
Think BEPS only affects huge multinationals?  Think again. According to a recent survey by RSM, the clampdown on corporate tax avoidance is set to hit medium-sized companies nearly as hard as their bigger rivals Businesses expect their tax bills to rise an average of 5 per cent as a result of stricter tax rules which are being introd...

Government announces the business tax proposals targeted at SMEs

13 April 2016
As part of his pre-Budget speech in Wellington today, Prime Minister, John Key, announced a business tax package which “will reduce compliance costs and makes tax simpler for small business”. Under the new regime, the provisional tax rules for small and medium businesses (with a turnover up to $5 million) will be supplemented with a new pay-...

Could your R&D tax losses translate to a cash refund?

3 March 2016
Turn hard work into a cash advantage - could your company’s R&D tax losses translate into a cash refund? The new Research and Development “R&D” loss tax credit initiative has received Royal assent. The aim of the legislation is to allow  loss-making research and development start-up companies to “cash out” their tax losses...

International tax alert : BEPS action plan

24 February 2016
With the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (“BEPS”) action plan final reports having been released late in 2015, it’s now time to take note of the potential risks that the plan poses. This article provides an overview of the main risk areas and for this reason we have not provided commentary on all 15 action points. This article is in...

Fast Tax Fact: Samoa double tax agreement

3 February 2016
The New Zealand - Samoa double tax agreement "DTA" is now in force.  This is great news for businesses in both countries as it will lower the costs of trading and investing between countries and will provide more certainty to businesses looking to develop trade links. The reduced withholding tax rates for payments of interest, dividends or ...

On the fringe of an IRD Review?

29 October 2015
The Fringe Benefit tax (FBT) rules are complex and often misunderstood by employers. FBT seeks to tax all non-cash benefits provided by an employer to an employee or shareholder-employee as a result of their employment, with the obligation to return the tax falling on the employer. One simple error or misunderstanding of the treatment of a particul...

GST changes on imported services and digital content

21 August 2015
Are you on-line with the proposed GST changes on imported services and digital content? This week the Government released a discussion paper outlining their proposal to collect GST on imported services and digitally supplied content. The “Netflix tax” as it has been dubbed in the media, has created a stir here and across the Tasman given the...

Are you ready for your IRD risk review?

19 May 2015
Multinationals are the focus of the IRD for the next two years Transfer pricing has again hit the headlines and the IRD is tightening its review of multinational businesses and their related party cross border transactions. In a release dated 10 April, the IRD stated a two year focus on the Significant Enterprises Sector being taxpayer groups wi...

IRD risk review focus for multinational corporations

19 February 2015
Amongst other things, protecting our clients’ business means, to us, ensuring that they are aware of the compliance and risk review focus of the Inland Revenue Department, and all necessary steps are taken to minimize the clients’ risks and exposure.  One of the major concerns for Inland Revenue is taxation of multinational corporations op...

***CANCELLED*** How to structure your business

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 from 7.30am to 8.45am
***This event has been cancelled*** Business owners and their advisers are presented with a number of different structure options in which to house their businesses. These should be considered at the outset when many other requirements are competing for time and resources such as finding capital, registering technology and tackling markets. ...