Risk advisory

Protect your business against the threats of today.

Risk plays a significant part in all walks of life. In modern enterprise, businesses are facing a whole new wave of challenges, from economic turbulence to increasing regulatory compliance. At RSM, we specialise in effective risk management for your business in order to enhance the value that you deliver to your stakeholders, as well as futureproofing your business and its success.

We understand the importance of structured and considered business threat protection. From the lingering legacy of the global financial crisis to the continued rise of cybercrime, recent history demonstrates the economic significance of identifying threats and the appropriate response, at the earliest possible stage.

As a result, our risk advisory solutions are proactive, not reactive. They provide tailored support and guidance to align with your key organisational objectives. As risk management specialists, our expertise, knowledge and constant drive to innovate ensure we remain at the forefront of implementing new approaches to the world of business risk.

Fraud prevention and investigation

All businesses, regardless of industry or scale, are potentially vulnerable to fraud and improper conduct without the proper controls in place. Data protection and confidentiality breaches represent a major risk of today, whilst fraudulent activity can occur anywhere along the chain, from purchase ledger to asset management.

Fraud puts the financial stability and reputation of your business at huge risk. Our risk advisory consultants will provide the fraud prevention and investigation framework your enterprise requires.

Governance and compliance

The strategic direction of your organisation is paramount to its success, and our risk advisors can help to implement and improve upon your current governance infrastructure through independent and impartial consultation.

With RSM partners playing key strategic roles nationwide on boards of organisations spanning multi-nationals to SMEs, our level of experience allows us to give you a true insight into operating successfully within the New Zealand business landscape.

Internal audit

The internal audit process has taken on more of a consultative and strategic approach in light of an increasing focus on governance and control across commerce and industry.

Our risk advisory services boast a versatile three-pronged internal audit delivery model. Whether you require a fully outsourced solution, a working partnership between our auditors and your in-house team or specialist component services to augment your current audit programme, we will be able to tailor our model to your demands.

Risk management

We understand SMEs and multi-owner businesses require complete risk advisory solutions as well. Through our free, quick and easy business risk management survey, you can benchmark your key business risk and value drivers, prepare a SWOT analysis and establish key improvement strategies as part of our Better Business Program.

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Your organisation is at risk from fraud!

Your organisation is at risk from fraud!

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