RSM is the medium-sized audit and advisory firm in Norway. In fact, we're just the right size: big enough to attract exciting and prestigious clients with complex issues, and big enough to have our own football tournament, yet small enough to create a workplace environment where everyone knows each other and where the welfare of the individual is taken care of. 

While we want all our employees to be challenged and to perform at a high level, we also want to see a good work–life balance. At RSM we work in teams and in close cooperation with the firm's partners. 
We go to work to create positive client experiences. We work with other firms that are also just the right size, enabling us to see close up how our clients actually run their businesses. 

One of our most defining features is our sense of community. RSM is characterised by its team spirit and good cooperation between employees. Our staff genuinely want others to succeed, and they don't regard career development as a zero-sum game. 

Already at an early stage in your career you will be given the responsibility and opportunities to work on a broad spectrum of tasks. Later, you may choose to specialise in an area you particularly enjoy. A former generalist often makes a better specialist. 

At RSM we do not offer jobs; we offer careers. Our philosophy is that if you provide your expertise, motivation and hard work, we will provide you with the right environment in which to grow. 

Please read more about us and our positions available here: 

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