About Forensic Services

At one time or another a considerable number of Norwegian and international enterprises fall victim to fraud or disloyal transactions. These can often have a major negative impact on individual companies, first and foremost in the form of direct financial loss, but also in the form of loss of reputation, reduced business partner confidence, and diminished employee loyalty and motivation.

Fraud is often difficult to detect if a scheme is sufficiently advanced and designed to keep it hidden. Effective preventive measures are therefore important for reducing the risk of fraud to an acceptable level. In this connection a specific fraud audit will provide an overview of which control measures ought to be implemented.

If fraud or economic crime is suspected, it is important to react swiftly in order to limited the scope of damage. It is also important to act in a such discreet a manner as possible so that tracks are not being destroyed. Effective detection and investigation of unacceptable conditions will therefore be decisive. RSM has expertise and experience in investigative services from small-scale to large-scale assignments, both national and international. We cooperate with a leading firm of lawyers in connection with large-scale investigations in Norway. 

Our Forensic Services


  • fraud prevention consultancy
  • fraud auditing and data analysis
  • log analysis and search for electronic tracks
  • compliance with guidelines and requirements
  • general investigative services
  • development of effective internal control environments

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