Technology is a broad term, and for our purposes it refers to companies who largely conduct research and development of products and services. These markets are developing fast, so ongoing adaptations to the market are important parameters for success. We also see that the technology market is increasingly being dominated by global players. The types of challenges companies will meet will depend on where they are in the life cycle. Right from the start-up of entrepreneurial ventures all the way to fully-fledged businesses or listed companies.

We have experience in supporting our clients in all phases of their company life cycles. Everything from entrepreneurial ventures, capitalisation, disposals and business successions. Our experience ranges from research and development to production and sale of fully developed products, companies involved in developing and selling software, and companies selling technology-related services. In the first phase of their life cycle, these types of businesses typically start off as owner-managed entrepreneurial ventures. In a later phase, they often have a need for capital and institutional investors. This in turn creates a need for structural and procedural changes. We have extensive experience in the challenges this can present for owner-managed businesses. 

  • audit services with a professional understanding of the industry and its inherent risks 
  • company valuations and due diligence analyses 
  • prepare transfer pricing documentation and optimise tax structures 
  • implement and apply IFRS

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