Entrepreneur & Startups

Do you have a great idea? Or a new product or service? We can support you with all the formalities involved in starting and running a company.


our experience and focus

We have extensive expertise and experience in helping startups and entrepreneurs in an early phase. Experience shows that the best solution is to seek expert advice to help make sure that all the formalities are taken care of and to allow you to devote your time to developing your company.


What we offer

  • Deciding the form of business entity and structure. What is the wisest choice for the future? 
  • Reporting to the tax authorities. 
  • Support with various support schemes such as SkatteFUNN, Innovation Norway and different industry support schemes. 
  • Register employees, insurance schemes and pensions. 
  • All aspects of tax, VAT and customs. 
  • Do I need an accountant? 
  • Choosing accounting software. 
  • Do I need an auditor? 
  • Establishing a business abroad, both export businesses and international subsidiaries. 


There are many rules to consider, and issues you can encounter when starting a business. In the boxes below, you can read more about current issues for entrepreneurs and startups, such as choice of company type, tax and VAT, accounting and auditing, funding and support.