About Risk Advisory Services

In an increasingly globalised world of new technology, extensive regulation and stakeholder expectations of good governance, companies are increasingly expected to be able to update their risk situation and to identify new risks, operational challenges and – not least – new opportunities. Sound risk management and internal control will help directors and boards make informed decisions and contribute to their business achieving its objectives.

With this in mind, RSM Norway are committed to providing a range of risk management services designed to protect you and your business from any potential pitfalls. Our expert team of risk management specialists will be on hand to deliver professional, friendly and clear advice on next steps, using their wealth of experience in the field to help you arrive at a solution that’s right for your company.

RSM Norway operate out of four sites across the country and are part of RSM International’s vast global network, encompassing more than 120 nations and 800 offices around the globe. With the support of such shared knowledge and expertise, our risk advisory consultants are able to be extremely versatile in their offerings. No matter what issues or problems you’re faced with, we’re confident that we can deliver the risk management solutions to help you while maintaining open and honest channels of communication at all times.

Enterprise risk management is a methodology designed to enhance understanding of risk at all levels in an organisation. Naturally integrating risk management into a company's processes will make it a valuable asset in achieving objectives rather than an annual chore that is never followed up.

Effective internal risk management systems that are adapted to the company's needs are vital for ensuring that employees and decision makers perceive the control environment as an appropriate and worthwhile aid to achieving company objectives. Rigid, bureaucratic and complex internal control systems often end up being circumvented or ignored, and the whole point of sound governance of effective processes is lost. 


  • Enterprise risk management
  • Development of effective internal control environments
  • Process analysis and improvement
  • Effective use of ERP systems
  • Support systems for internal control and risk management

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