The banking and finance industry is an important player in society and are strictly regulated. The market consists of a few large banks and many small and medium-sized savings banks around the country. Small and medium-sized banks must deal with as many new rules and reports like the big banks, but often have a small administration. Cooperation with other banks is therefore necessary to act as independent banks. We believe that independent banks are important for local business and their residents. The framework conditions for the industry are constantly changing, especially in areas such as financing, liquidity, market and IT that all require a continous updating of themselves or through their partners/advisors.

We have long and broad experience as an auditor for small savings banks and one listed bank with IFRS reporting. Our focus is to be updated within the field of industry so that we can assist you with our expertise in the most efficient and accurate manner. We are a medium-sized audit firm that understands the advantages and challenges of small and medium-sized banks. The responsible Auditor and Partner will be close to the assignment and will know the bank well through the participation in the audit team.

We offer regular auditing of your banking business, preparation of tax papers, statements of various reports such as Internal Control, Liquidity, Compensation and ICAAP. We can also assist with tax advice, value added tax and accounting.

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