Renewable energy offering greener solutions for a more sustainable development in the world is crucial for the future. More than half of todays consumption of energy in Norway, is renewable. But a lot of work is still needed to achieve the climate goals, set for the near future. Clean, renewable energy is a key factor, both when it comes to fighting global climate change and world poverty.

Looking towards the future and the impact renewable energy can have, many businesses wish to take part in the development. Companies with a focus on renewable energy are future-oriented and take part in a growing market, both in terms of size and importance. At RSM, we have an extensive experience in assisting companies of all sizes and in all phases of their journey – from start-ups to expansion into new markets. By letting our team assist with essential tasks such as tax, accounting and auditing, risk management and more, your company can put its sole focus on the tasks to be planned and executed to provide modern and renewable green energy solutions.

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