The trading industry is constantly changing, and the competition in most markets are in addition tough. The changes may be experienced as big the last years, but appear to be the beginning of a substantially changed pattern of consumer behavior. Of course, this affects the entire value chain, and therefore also large and small trading companies. The winners will be the ones who follow and adapt to the changing framework conditions in the market. New distribution channels, especially in the retail chain, are challenging but also provide opportunities. E-commerce with both shipment delivery, but also direct delivery to the consumer at door or pick-up points means that one has to reconsider options. New payment solutions also affect customers' choices. Trading companies get new features where service and quality need to be represented in several segments through the value chain, and the "mercenary spirit" must cover more fields than before to  continue to be the one that succeeds best in the industry.

We have experience collaborating with both large, medium-sized, and small trading companies, where we provide assistance at both the retail and wholesale/importer levels. Our experience extends from traditional audit services and related advisory, to assistance with purchases, sales, contract negotiations, etc. In addition to audit services, we have our own legal department and transaction support department that contribute their experience and expertise to our Trade Industry Group.

We aim to contribute value to our customers in the trading segment. In Norway, we are the medium-sized competence house within audit, tax, legal services, and transaction support, and we can assist with:


  • Customs and import duties
  • Tax and value-added tax (VAT) issues
  • Tax audits – assessment of scope, etc., and dialogue with tax authorities
  • Transfer pricing between wholesale and retail levels


  • Agency relationships – agency agreements, termination fees, marketing support
  • Commission relationships – agreements
  • Procurement relationships – agreements, pricing, profitability assessments/calculation
  • Lease agreements for, or purchase of premises
  • Employment contracts


  • Acquisitions: agreements for purchase of shares/business
  • Valuations and calculations for sales/purchases
  • Due diligence, financial/tax/legal
  • Collaboration agreements, joint ventures


  • Audit, preparation of annual financial statements, tax documents
  • Accounting legal matters
  • Support for the client's finance function

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