Regulations on excise duties are affecting many companies selling or in use of excise goods in their production. The same applies to those whom are trading goods that require customs clearance.

With relatively high rates on a number of goods that fall within these categories, it is important to have knowledge of the scope of the tax liability. But regulations regarding excise duties and customs are generally not easy to access and understand.

Authorities implementing increased and more targeted controls, has led to a greater risk for companies affected by the duties. It is therefore wise to make use of expert advice to lower risks and ensure everything is handled properly. We in RSM are committed to assisting our clients in complying with the current regulations. We always look for the most favourable solutions, and of course ensure an error-free result.

With vast experience from the tax and excise administration, we also assist in resolving specific issues in dialogue with the Norwegian customs. This includes obtaining interpretative statements and assisting in appeals or other legal proceedings.

In addition to the general “health checks” of businesses affected by excise duty and customs, we typically assist with the following areas within excise duty and customs:

  • Assessment of any tax liability
  • Assessment of registration questions
  • Questions related to customs declaration
  • Assessment of the calculation basis for customs or excise duty


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