What did you do before coming to RSM Switzerland?

Before joining RSM Switzerland, I was working for a Big Four company in Zurich for more than 20 years. It was my first job after having finished university. I worked as a certified tax expert in the international corporate tax department. I advised multiple international and network clients when they came to Switzerland with their subsidiaries or businesses. Most of them came from the United States, the United Kingdom, and other big markets.



Why did you choose to work at RSM Switzerland?

After those many years in a very big company, I really felt that I needed a change and wanted to be closer to my main activity which I love doing, which is giving concrete tax or general advice to my clients and helping them with any issues and questions they might have. 

I felt that after many years in a big organisation, I had too many different tasks that did not involve giving tax advice or helping my clients in their daily business. Consequently, I decided to change things and work with a company and team that allows me to be closer to the work I enjoy.


What has been your favorite experience at RSM Switzerland?

“My favourite experience, which has also surprised me more than I expected, is the excellent team spirit here at RSM. “


We are a small and diverse team, but I think the way each team member contributes and helps each other when something is urgent is unique. I also believe that social events such as the wine event bring the team together and allow us to get to know each other better and reinforce the team spirit. 

Additionally, what really also surprised me in a positive manner is our client base. We have a great and very interesting client base that asks us all sorts of questions regarding international tax. Personally, it is great working in this environment where I can see that our clients appreciate RSM as a global organisation and our Firm in Switzerland as a reliable and very knowledgeable partner.


How would you describe the daily work of your department?

There is no real daily routine in tax and every day is different. You are driven to a very large extent by your client’s agenda and urgency. Sometimes, it even changes during the day when something urgent appears and the focus shifts. 

There is a daily structure because the majority of our team is at the office during the week, which enables us to have social encounters such as a coffee break or having lunch together. I find that very positive and I enjoy the social aspect very much.

What would you tell someone who might be considering a career at RSM Switzerland?

I think a career at RSM Switzerland is very exciting because you get the best of both worlds. It is a big global organisation with worldwide connections. It also has an interesting and demanding client base with a lot of complexity and international aspects. It is undoubtedly a challenge, in a positive sense, and in terms of what you can do technically and what you can learn. 

On the other hand, however, you gain the benefit of a small team where you are always supported and coached in your daily tasks. In addition, everyone gets a clear perspective on what can be achieved and what goals need to be reached. That is why a career at RSM Switzerland is certainly worth considering.


Who are you outside of RSM?

Outside of RSM, I am a social and friendly people-person. I love being around friends and family, and I engage in a lot of events and social activities. I also like good wine and love visiting vineyards from time to time. Hence, when I started at RSM Switzerland I really enjoyed the experience of the team events in a vineyard that RSM Switzerland holds several times a year. On weekends, I like to go on bike rides with my family, and I go skiing in winter, which is my sporty side.