What did you do before coming to RSM Switzerland?

I am originally from Munich, where I worked at a local private bank for over 17 years in customer consulting, including loans and investments. After moving to Switzerland, I worked for a well-known Swiss Bank for over 10 years in Zurich as an HR-Payroll Specialist and Payroll Manager. In January,January 2022, I joined RSM Switzerland as a Payroll Manager to build up the payroll team from scratch, leading important mandates for the company in all payroll-relevant topics.



Why did you choose to work at RSM Switzerland?

I really appreciate the flat hierarchies of decision-making being left to the Partners and the support of colleagues from our global organisation makes it feel like being in a family. All of my international colleagues are very cooperative, supportive, and friendly.


How would you describe the daily work of your department?

Every day is special, individual, and challenging. That is what I like about my job. With my responsibility for my team of four people and all our payroll mandates, every single day is interesting and inspiring.

Some tasks can be planned, but no day is the same. In our monthly peak season, everybody is working hard to pay the salaries to our customers and their employees on time. After payday, it is time for various reporting tasks (withholding tax, AVS, planning) or processing inquiries or projects that are being driven forward.


“The most important aspect for me is the respect towards everyone, no matter the function or title.”


How do you manage your team?

Honest and transparent communication is equally significant for both parties. The involvement of every member is important for growth and for process changes. We do not focus on problems – just solutions.
I challenge and encourage my team simultaneously to achieve our goals and to have the opportunity for growth. In addition, of course, humour is very important!


Outside of RSM, who are you?

I am a family-oriented person with two adult daughters (19/21), a wonderful partner who supports me enormously along with  awith a senior Swiss dog.  
My favourite leisure activity is being in the mountains for hiking or skiing. I also like dancing, cooking (which is meditation for me), as well as hosting dinners for, and spending time with, my friends.  


How do you manage your work life balance?

I stay mindful in my spare time to enjoy every single moment. I take time to enjoy life and re-charge the batteries, sometimes just doing nothing; sitting in the mountains and cloud-watching. 
Nowadays, it is more important than ever to take care of your mental health and energy levels. Everything happens faster and our lives are lived at a higher pace. Therefore, we need a counterpart; to have balance, we need a counterweight.

Being aware of this is the first step towards a successful work-life balance.