What did you do before coming to RSM Switzerland?

I obtained a bachelor's degree in Law in France, followed by a master's degree in business law in France and then a master's degree in business law at the University of Geneva.
As soon as I finished my studies I was taken on as a trainee in a Big Four company in the GES department, where I spent six years until I reached the rank of assistant manager.
I joined RSM Switzerland and the GES department in January 2022.
Since then, I have held the position of Tax Manager.

What attracted you to work in the field of audit, tax and consulting?

I wanted to do something useful for myself and for the people around me, as well as having direct contact with clients. At university, there were two subjects that particularly interested me, namely personal taxation and intellectual property, so, naturally, I went into the field of taxation.


What has been your favourite experience at RSM Switzerland?

For me, the RSM experience stands out because of the way in which things are approached in a much more human way. We give priority to a quality service with the best skills, and in this way, we can really meet the client's needs.


How would you describe the daily work of your department?

We're very flexible, scheduling the day as we see fit, while taking into account any current commitments. It's a very pleasant place to work.


How do you see your professional future?

I'd like to continue enriching my experience at RSM Switzerland over the next few years, and my personal goal is to become a senior manager in the GES team.


What would you tell someone who might considering a career at RSM Switzerland ?

The quality of the work, the knowledge and the relationship with the customer are also important. What's more, within our team but also between the different departments, there's a very human side to it, we matter - the human aspect really comes first.


“The variety of the work and the enrichment you get from it is an extremely important element to highlight.”


Outside of RSM Switzerland, who are you? What are your passions?

There's a good work-life balance, which I think is very important if you want to feel good.
I love travelling, going away at weekends or on long trips during the summer holidays, and one of my passions is gaming and gardening. 

I'm also passionate about archaeology and my dream would be to take part in a dig.