What did you do before coming to RSM Switzerland?

I worked in a Big Four firm in other lines of service (tax and accounting). I also played football at a semi-professional level for the last 7 years.


Why did you choose to work at RSM Switzerland?

Professional growth and development! Working for an audit firm can provide valuable experience and opportunities for professional growth in the field of accounting and finance.

“Exposure to various industries and clients allowed me to enhance my skills and knowledge, and to learn about various business operations and processes.”


What is it like working for a global organisation?

RSM has offices and clients in many countries. This allows me to work with colleagues and teams from different locations and gives me exposure to different approaches to problem-solving. 
The diverse workforce consists of people from different cultures and backgrounds, providing opportunities to learn from colleagues with diverse working styles. 
It can also involve virtual meetings across different time zones and the use of technology to facilitate communication and collaboration.


What was your first impression of RSM Switzerland?

There is an open and friendly company culture that promotes respect. I was encouraged by my team to communicate openly. My team also provided a supportive environment that made me feel comfortable and valued.
There were also clear expectations and goals set out. Division of work and responsibilities as well as performance expectations were established during the early stages of my time here, which motivated me and gave me a sense of purpose.


What has been your favourite experience at RSM Switzerland?

My favourite experience at RSM was the audit training in Istanbul in October 2022. Going to a different country with my colleagues from Geneva was a great experience. It helped me to meet new people and grow my network for the future.


How do you see your professional future?

Within the next couple of years, I want to continue to grow within the firm and participate in internal and/or external trainings that focus on audit standards and any other related topics to enhance my knowledge and skills.

What would you say to anyone who might be considering a career at RSM Switzerland?

Obtain exposure to different industries and organisations before choosing a service line. 
Working at RSM will provide you with the opportunity to obtain experience in various industries and sectors, and gain exposure to different business operations – as well as providing you with experience to set a solid foundation and a versatile skill set.
Working for a reputable audit firm and obtaining professional certifications can enhance your professional reputation and credibility. These credentials are recognised globally and can open doors to various career opportunities within the accounting and finance industries.
There are also opportunities to specialise in specific industries or transition into other areas.


How do you manage your work-life balance?

I play sports and travel in my free time. Working longer hours in the audit busy season allows me to free up more time in the summer when it is considered low season. 
During working hours, high levels of focus and concentration are required, so I feel it is highly important to do some sort of workout after work, either by going for a run, hitting the gym or playing other kinds of sports. 
On the weekends, I try to recharge by spending time with friends and family, either by going into nature, visiting a new place or simply staying at home to rest.