What did you do before coming to RSM Switzerland?

I did a bachelor's and a master's degree in law at the University of Lausanne, which I obtained in August 2021, followed by a second master's degree in business law, which I obtained in February 2022.

Alongside my studies, I worked in several law firms as a legal trainee, which gave me my first contact with the professional world.

After obtaining my second master's degree, I immediately found a position as a tax trainee with RSM Switzerland, which I started in March 2022 and finished at the end of August 2022, before being hired as a tax consultant last September.

What attracted you to work in the field of audit, tax, and consulting?

It is a more concrete and less theoretical field than law, so I realised that taxation had more appeal to me. 
In fact, there's always that part of research that is similar to law, but there is also the practical application that is more certain and definitive.


What were the benefits of your internship? 

Following my studies, this placement enabled me to put into practice some of the theory I had learnt throughout my bachelor's and master's degrees. Given my lack of experience in the field of taxation, I was immediately delighted that there was a training component at the beginning of the placement, with mock exercises to help me understand how my role would work and what was expected of me.
I also had the opportunity to be taken under the wing of my colleagues, who were always there to answer my questions and support me throughout my placement.

It is important for me to stress that there is an incredibly open relationship within the company hierarchy; all my colleagues and managers are available at any time to answer various questions. The training I received as a trainee enabled me to learn many things, including a certain way of working. 
As a result, I wanted to stay with the company that trained me, particularly because of the variety of tasks and the trust that is placed in us. I was offered the chance to continue the adventure and I have since been working as a tax consultant.


What has been your favourite experience at RSM Switzerland?

We went rafting on the river Arve for one of our partners' birthdays with colleagues from our Geneva office. 
I had a lot of fun on the day, especially getting to know my colleagues outside the office, and this kind of event strengthens the bonds between teams.


How do you see your professional future?

Today, I am still in the learning phase after a year in the professional world. So, I would like to take advantage of the trust placed in me to continue my apprenticeship in this field, and I can see myself trying to become a tax expert in a few years' time, because that is a real plus in our field.


What would you say to anyone who might be considering a career at RSM Switzerland?

I would emphasise the training aspect, with the flexibility and availability of our colleagues. I have never been afraid to ask a question, and our managers are all friendly and enjoy training us.
One final point I'd like to highlight is the fact that the company offers employees training courses such as tax expertise, so that they can enhance their knowledge. We can also offer managers training courses that we feel are useful for our business.


“The work is very varied, and the human side of the job stands out.”


Outside of RSM Switzerland, who are you? What are your passions?

I love being and enjoying the mountains in winter. On top of that, now that I live in a big city, I like to take advantage of the activities on offer there and I really enjoy being able to combine my professional and personal life.