Corporate project management includes the various services that an organization may require to implement effective project management in the short, medium, and long term. ​


We have appropriate tools to establish the level of maturity that organizations have in terms of project management, based on fundamental aspects such as: policies, procedures, standards, resources, training, and certifications, among others. Upon completion of the evaluation, a recommended action plan is generated.


When companies decide not to implement a Project Management Office (PMO) but still need to adopt formal project management with the required rigor, RSM supports organizations with the definition and implementation of a corporate project management model. This model comprises processes, procedures, templates, and indicators that formalize management within the companies and standardize the steps to follow for each project undertaken.


RSM is capable of automating project management, leveraging well-established IT tools such as Microsoft SharePointTM. Through the automation of their project management process, companies achieve notable performance in the success rate of their strategic initiatives. Additionally, RSM Colombia is the only certified partner of Nintex in the country, the leading tool in workflow automation.


A Project Management Office (PMO) is currently positioned strategically as a support area for senior management in organizations, coordinating activities related to the administration of corporate projects. At RSM, we have extensive experience in designing and implementing Project Management Offices tailored to the needs and specificities of each organization.


Some companies lack sufficient resources or knowledge to manage their projects, which often leads to cost overruns, delays, or project cancellations. RSM not only manages projects but also takes a holistic approach to all aspects relevant to a company: Strategy, Technology, Taxes, Accounting and Finance, Shared value, Risk, etc. By participating in clients' various projects, RSM always assesses their alignment with corporate strategy and operations, offering personalized service supported by tools and technological platforms. We share responsibility for project management and success.


We develop customized hands-on training workshops. The workshops can be tailored for individuals or small groups. We have certified instructors knowledgeable about the most commonly used frameworks in our field. The workshops aim to share the real-life experiences of our consultants and are based on real case studies. Attendees receive a certificate of attendance and materials and tools for exercises' development and subsequent practical application.