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Creation of Shared Value

Creating Shared Value amounts to building a competitive advantage, by solving social and environmental problems.  Through its methodology Triple Impact seeks the development of initiatives and projects that are profitable, sustainable and long term, aligned to the corporate and business strategies.

In order for the business to create Shared Value and be successful, a five- step methodology must be followed: Identify opportunities, Construct the case, Measure Results, Create an organizational SV culture, Develop effective alliances. These are distributed in two stages which provide flexibility to the company:




Identify opportunities and Build the case

In this stage ideas and opportunities are transformed into specific projects, by linking the broad knowledge of the industry, held by the company, along with the skills of expert consultants of Shared Value, achieving to develop one or more specific projects which contribute economic profitability to the company and societal value to groups of interest or to society. Deliverables under this stage comprise:

  1. Report of Groups of Interest.
  2. Report of social problems/concerns and business opportunities
  3. Vision report of the industry.
  4. Projects Portfolio.
  5. Report on the Strategy to Follow.
  6. Financing Assessment Report.


Measure results, create organizational culture and develop effective alliances.

In this stage key indicators capable of measuring the results of shared value projects are designed, and an organizational culture is fostered to enable the achievement of high efficiency standards over the actions taken, and to develop specific alliances to facilitate a proper implementation and development of Shared Value generation. Deliverables under this stage are:  

  1. Report on Key Indicators.
  2. Contents.
  3. Training programs.
  4. Strategic alliances.



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