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Shared Value

Sustainable Organization

3 April 2017
We assist our clients in the design, planning and startup of the ECOEFFICIENCY Program (including policies up to mitigation measures), by advising non specialized personnel, reinforcing the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility, optimizing efforts and profitability. 

Management of Social and Environmental Risks

25 September 2016
Currently, there is evidence showing that sustainable financing has considerably increased worldwide, and that it is growing persistently.

Preparation of Sustainability Balanced Score Card

25 September 2016
If the trend of entrepreneurial management in the 21st century considers economic, social and environmental aspects within the business strategy, the traditional balanced score card should be prepared regarding all three variables, and should reflect a holistic corporate strategy, approved and monitored by the company’s directors.

Audit of Business Sustainability and Shared Value

25 September 2016
Banks and interest groups are requiring that sustainability reports should be audited by an independent firm, in order to accredit that the contents are not just goals and inaccurate indicators. The auditor shall validate the report’s essence, its KPIs and fulfillment of the goals announced during the previous year.

Triple impact business strategy

25 September 2016
Gobiernos, ONG´S, activistas, y medios de comunicación se han vuelto adeptos a perseguir una rendición de cuentas por parte de las empresas, debido a las consecuencias sociales de sus operaciones. Múltiples organizaciones realizan rankings empresariales de aspectos relacionados a la responsabilidad social empresarial (RSE), sin estos tener una interrelación clara con el entorno, reciben una considerable atención que ha dejado como resultado que la RSE sea una prioridad ineludible para los líderes empresariales del mundo entero.

Preparation of GRI G4 Sustainability Report

25 September 2016
Through this service RSM prepares a sustainability report for the company, using a GRI G4 format. This enables the company to attain the highest quality standards for sustainability, and concurrently include in its business strategy actions prone to generating economic value at the same time as societal capital.  

Shared Value and Sustainability

25 September 2016
Este servicio de consultoría tiene como objetivo crear una política corporativa de valor compartido y sustentabilidad que permita desarrollar una estrategia acorde a esta y el modelo de negocios de la empresa, a través de la metodología propuesta a continuación, lo que le permitirá a la empresa entender, conocer y capturar la rentabilidad que entregan estas acciones.

Creation of Shared Value

25 September 2016
Creating Shared Value amounts to building a competitive advantage, by solving social and environmental problems.  Through its methodology Triple Impact seeks the development of initiatives and projects that are profitable, sustainable and long term, aligned to the corporate and business strategies.

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