Event Details


19 September 2023


13:00 - 14:00 Europe/London

As the world continues to adopt more and more electric vehicles (EV’s), concerns as to whether power grids can handle the increasing energy demands still linger. In this session Lawrence Keyler, Global Automotive sector lead and Partner at RSM US, interviews Steve Horaney, Senior Vice President at MEMA Original Equipment Suppliers, representing the vehicle supplier industry in the United States. Jim Ward, Partner at RSM US, hosts an insightful panel discussion with speakers Sheena McGuiness, Head of Renewables, and Richard Bartlett-Rawlings, Partner at RSM UK as well as guest speaker Tessie Hartjes, Investor Relations at Lightyear, creators of the first long-range solar electric car. 

The panel addresses some of the key disruptions and challenges surrounding EV’s and their impact on power grids, including grid stability and reliability across different jurisdictions, and the growth of renewable energy sources.