ESG disclosure and the development of responsible corporate sustainability reports have become increasingly significant. This is evident in the rising emphasis on ESG reporting, whether it is integrated into annual reports for compliance or as a distinct sustainability report. 

Investors and various stakeholders are displaying a growing awareness of ESG concerns and are urging companies to exhibit greater transparency in their disclosures. These stakeholders employ this information to assess and compare companies within their industry, necessitating that a company's reporting not only be factually accurate but also compelling in its narrative. 

Certain investors prefer the inclusion of significant ESG risks and opportunities within annual reports, as sustainability reports play a pivotal role in nurturing public trust. They remain a powerful tool for companies to address the multitude of inquiries posed by stakeholders within a single comprehensive document. 

Creating a dedicated ESG report or elevating the ESG content within your annual report and financial statements can pose challenges. It requires careful consideration of stakeholder expectations, the reporting methodology employed, and the frameworks utilised for the purpose. 

At RSM, we stand ready to assist you in crafting ESG disclosures that are both compliant and convincing, all while adhering to established ESG reporting standards.

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