ESG plays an increasingly important part in mergers and acquisitions – not only in terms of successfully completing transactions, but also in a business’s valuation and its perceived long-term potential. 

Robust ESG due diligence is now a fundamental part of the deal process, and the risk management approach of private equity funds or potential acquirers. Similarly, to protect your future wealth and ensure that you receive the best price for your business, you will want to be able to provide the necessary information at the earliest opportunity. 

Our ESG specialists and our transactions team can assist before and during the transaction process by: 

  • Providing reports on your organisation’s ESG performance.
  • Producing benchmarking information on policies and processes across each element of ESG. 
  • Sharing insight into the evolution of ESG trends that are likely to affect your business’s operations and value. 
  • Working with you to decide on the best valuation of your business. 
  • If you are considering a transaction, get in touch with our specialist teams. They can provide the support you need.

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