Organisations are increasingly seeking assistance in the realm of sustainable debt solutions, particularly when it comes to guidance and verification. Various sustainable financing alternatives are accessible to organisations, offering potential advantages over conventional financial options. These include sustainability-linked loans, green loans, green bonds, social bonds, and sustainability-linked bonds. The market for these alternatives is relatively new, and it's imperative for organisations venturing into sustainable finance to navigate these intricacies effectively. 

Our services encompass: 

  • Green loans and bonds: We provide assurance over the utilisation of proceeds from green loans and bonds. 
  • Social loans 
  • Sustainability Linked Loans (SLLs) – We help companies improve their overall performance in meeting their ESG goals and improve their bottom line through Sustainability Linked Loans. 
  • Secondary opinion - We offer verification of conformity and alignment with established Bond Principles and Guidelines. 
  • Consulting 

At RSM, we are here to guide you in making the most of your options and with effective structuring.

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