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RSM Finland granted certificates by Finnish economic journal Kauppalehti

RSM Finland has been awarded Top Achiever (Menestyjä) and On the Grow (Kasvaja) certificates by Kauppalehti!


A company that is granted the Top Achiever certificate belongs to a group of companies that perform higher than their peers, based on the evaluation of the Balance Consulting analyzing unit of Kauppalehti. Kauppalehti is an established economic journal in Finland. Financial success is built on several different factors, such as competent management, dedicated personnel, efficient processes and understanding clients.

The Top Achiever certificate differs from those given by credit rating institutions. It takes more than sound liquidity or a clean credit record to receive the certificate. The companies are analyzed based on six financial sectors: growth, profitability, return, liquidity, solvency and risk tolerance in a way that continuing success is taken into account. In all six sectors, a company is compared with other companies of the same size, all companies in the Balance Consulting database as well as companies in the same branch of business.

To receive the On the Grow certificate a company has managed to increase their turnover substantially during the last three years of assessment. Growth is a sign of realized potential of the business activities, that managed well, can result in successful business.

The certificate is given to companies of which the annual growth in turnover has exceeded the average of their business branch by at least 10 per cent during the three years of assessment. Turnover needs to be on the increase also the most current year of assessment. On the Grow certificate is a symbol of progress in the volume of business.

The On the Grow certificate together with the Top Achiever certificate indicate strong development in the volume of business as well as excellent financial performance of the company.


Seppo Suontausta
APA, M.Sc. (Econ.)

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