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Services for investors (IBR and LIBR)

Our range of services for investors covers two main functions, IBR advisory and LIBR advisory. Independent Business Reviews (IBRs) help our clients to understand the financial health of their would-be investment opportunities, and can be carried out by the potential investors, the target company in question or a third party. An IBR helps your business understand the current situation of a company, as well as the reliability of its future projections.

Our aim is to give our clients an independent assessment on their potential investment as to whether the target company has enough liquid assets to be able to continue business as normal. Additionally, the target company can itself order an IBR if it wants to provide an investor with valuable additional information that could facilitate investment.
RSM’s IBR advisory offers an honest, independent and detailed analytical assessment of targets in order to provide accurate information that becomes crucial in the investor decision-making process. Concerning LIBR advisory, Limited Independent Business Reviews (LIBRs) are much the same, however come with limitations to the analysis, as set out by the relevant parties. LIBRs make sense for those looking for a faster and more cost-effective process than the traditional IBR, which often represents a more holistic view of the target company.
Our investment advisory services are layered in detail. Any of the following components, for example, can be included in our investor advisory process – IBR or LIBR:

  • Determination of the target company’s current financial situation
  • Estimation of the target company’s sufficiency of liquid assets
  • Estimation of future projections
  • Evaluation of business or restructuring plans
  • Comprehensive market and competitor analysis
  • Evaluation of senior management’s perception on the financial situation of the target company and its future
  • Identification of risks and opportunities
  • Estimation of the sufficiency of working capital

A successful IBR demands the cooperation of the target company. With full cooperation, our investment advisory services can provide a detailed breakdown of the key information that is relevant to our clients, giving them extra confidence in their decision making.

As with all of RSM’s services, our investor advisory department is built on decades of experience within the arena of investment and company analysis, and relies heavily on our global network of investment and financial evaluation professionals to provide justified, considered and actionable analysis.

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